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According to custom, a king with a grown up daughter looks for a good match by holding a contest. At Dewi Siti Sundari's own request, the king announces that whoever brings two beautiful twin girls as a wedding-gift will be Dewi Siti Sundari's husband.
Abimayu, Arjuna's son, is attracted by Dewi Siti Sundari and proposes to her, saying that fie will look for the beautiful twin girls.

Gatotkoca reach the ground then he becomes restless seeing the beauty of the two girls, especially that of Pregiwa, He falls in love with pregiwa and intends to ask his uncle Arjuna for her hand after they reach Madukara. Pregiwa seems to respord to his love, though she does not show it.

They arrive at Madukara, and Arjuna is delighted to see that his son has managed to find twin girls, rind that they are moreover his own daughters. Gatotkaca then asks Arjuna's permission to marry Pregiwa, and his request is granted.

After a few days of rest, Abimanyu, Gatotkaca, Pregiwa and Pregiwati, with Arjuna, go to Dwarawati to present Abimayus wedding gift and arrange the marriage. The story of Pregiwa-Pregiwati ends with the happy marriage of Abimanyu and Dewi Siti Sundari.


In Yogyakarta there is another lakon, an addition to the Pregiwa -Pregiwati story, called lakon Suprabawati Tinanding (Suprabawati fighting Srikandi). One distinctive characteristic of this wayang wong is that all leading parts in the story are heroines. The story of the lakon is as follows:

When king Kresna holds the contest for his daughter, a king from Simbarmanyura called Dasalengkara, also wants to marry Dewi Siti Sundari. The wedding-gift is his twin sisters Dewi Suprabawati and Dewi Suradewati. Dasalengkara sends a messenger to Dwarawati to propose to Dewi Siti Sundari.
Unfortunately, when the messenger arrives at Dwarawati the marriage between Abimanyu and Dewi Siti Sundari is already in preparation. The messenger flies into a passion and says that if the proposal is not accepted Dwarawati will be levelled to the ground.
Hearing the messenger's impudent words Bima becomes violently angry and with two strides kicks the messenger out of the palace. Tottering, he runs away and reports to his king that his proposal has been rejected.
In the meantime, the Pandawas prepare themselves to face the coming danger. The troops from the Simbarmanyura kingdom all women are led by Dewi Suprabawati herself and her younger sister

Dewi Suradewati. From the Pandawa family, the wives of Arjuna go to battle under the command of Srikandi. A heavy battle with violent fighting then takes place between the two women's armies where even Garudas are used as vehicles for aif-fights. Abirnanyu
also joins the fighting as he feels responsible for the cause of it and Gatotkaca, his future brother-inlaw,, helps him as much as possible.
The battle is won by the Pandawas and the marriage between Abimanyu and Dewi Siti Sundari takes place without any hindrance.


The Arjunawiwaha dance-drama (wayang wong or sendratari), Yogyakarta style, describes the marriage between Arjuna and the heavenli nymphs. The story is briefly as follows

0ne day the situation of Kahyangan heaven is very critical because the giant king Newatakawaca from Ngimanimantaka has prosposed to the nymph Supraba. All the gods seem to be unable to face this powerful giant king. The only means of evading is by
asking the help of the Pandawa family.
According to the gods, only Arjuna can face Newatakawaca. At that time Arjuna happens to be living as an ascetic. Batara Guru, disguised as a king, called Kilatawarna, tests Arjuna's supernatural

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