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According to custom, a king with a grown up daughter looks for a good match by holding a contest. At Dewi Siti Sundari's own request, the king announces that whoever brings two beautiful twin girls as a wedding-gift will be Dewi Siti Sundari's husband.
Abimayu, Arjuna's son, is attracted by Dewi Siti Sundari and proposes to her, saying that fie will look for the beautiful twin girls.

In his search for twin girls, Abimayu receives much 'lid from Gatotkaca, Bima's son. On their way they meet a number of obstacles, among other the giant Cakil who guards the borders of the forest with the other giants.

There is an old hermit named Begawan Sidikwacana who has twin grand-daughters called Pregiwa and Pregiwati. Since their childhood they have been brought up by their grandfather. When they grow-up they ask who their father really is, and the grandfather tells them that their father is Arjuna, a warrior from madukara, the third brother of the Pandawas. Both ask leave to look for their father in Madukara. Deeply moved, the grandiather gives his permission, and appoints his pupil, Cantrik Janaloka who is very close to him, to accompany them.

Janaloka, who is greatly attracted by the two girls, obeys his teacher's order Without hesitation, and plans to USC this Opportunity to win their hearts. On their way Cantrik Janaloka continuously annoys the two girls. He is an ugly man, and the two girls refuse him, but in order to be safe on their journey they pretend to be willing to become his wives provided they arrive safety at their destination, Madukara.

The news about the contest of Kresna, king of Dwarawati, also reaches the Kaurawas. King Duryodana,s son Lesmana Dakumara is madly in love with the beautiful Dewi Sid Sundari, and he wishes to take part in the contest. Consequently the Kaurawa family also searches for twin girls.

After the Kaurawas have walked a long while, they see in the distance two girls being troubled by a man with an ugly face. The Kaurawas feel sorry for the- two girls, and as they see, even from a distance, how beutiful they are, they immediately think of them
as the wedding gift. Approaching them, the Kaurawas ask Cantrik Janaloka who he is and who the beautiful twin girls are. Cantrik Janaloka answers that both of them are his wives, a most unlikely statement because it would be impossible for such an ugly person like Janaloka to have two such beautiful wives. Cantrik Janaloka maintains that both are his wives, and the Kaurawas are very angry. A battle ensues between Janaloka and the Kaurawas and the former is killed.

Meanwhile, Abimanyu. sees in the distance Pregiwa and Pregiwati and approaches them. They think that this warrior may beable to protect an show them the way to the princedom of madukara. They tell Abimanyu that they are looking for their father, Arjuna and Abimanyu realizes that the twins are his own half-sisters from the same father, and a different mother. Abimanyu succeeds in saving his younger sisters, at the same time obtaining the wedding gift to be given to Dewi Siti Sundari.
seeing Abimanyu, the Kaurawas become angry and try to take the girls away from him. A fight follows between Abimanyu, helped by Gatotkaca, and the Kaufawas. The Kaurawas are beaten, and Abimanyu and his company continue their jouney to Madukara.
High up in the air, Gatotkaca is continuously watching Pregiwa and Pregiwath Gatotkaca immeditely descends from the air to meet Abimanyu and to ask who the twin girls are. No sooner does